A few days before the end of 2019, I like to review what this year has meant. There has been more good than bad and that is appreciated!

Above all, I feel very fortunate to be able to continue here, writing these lines for another year, after having made the most difficult professional decision of my life in 2017, becoming a freelance and working on my own, quitting a payroll job (but in which I had practically no life) and embarking on this beautiful adventure of the world of illustration, which is giving me so much.

So there it goes my good summary of 2019:

  • I have learnt a system to create my patterns quicker in Adobe Illustrator (great!) and therefore I have started a new commercial line with them.
  • I have sold some patterns at microstock websites (yuhu!)
  • I have started uploading content to my YouTube channel, with tutorials about patterns and Illustrator (step by step!)
  • I have learnt to use Camtasia to edit the videos for YouTube (another program!)
  • I have done some portrait commissions, that were very well appreciated.
  • I have finished few illustration courses that I loved, especially one about animation from Aaron Blaise, although I have to admit that animation is not for me.
  • I have traveled to Carcabuey, in Córdoba, for the presentation of the book “No te vayas sin irte de mi”, for which I designed the cover. I took my mom with me, so we had the chance of doing a great holiday together for a few days.
  • Living in such a small village as mine could be limiting (in lots of things!), but fortunately the internet helps with it, and this year I had the opportunity of meeting two amazing artists, very kind and always willing to help their followers. Both of them have been really inspiring, so I have to mention them!. Thank you Terry Runyan (@terryrunyan) and Oksana (https://oksancia.com) for all your nice videos and your amazing talent!

Well, and in the personal side and not that professional:

  • I have adopted a lovely cat, Lia
  • I have started learning a new language, quite hard and difficult, but in which I can tell few things already.
  • I keep recycling (a lot more) and reducing as much as I can the use of plastic.
  • I also have reduced the meat consumption, eating more veggies instead.
  • I planted some kiwi seeds and three little trees have grown like 5 cm (good!)
  • I had beautiful roses in my garden this year

And for you, what is the summary of 2019?

Dear friends, I want to wish you all a Merry and Happy Christmas in the company of your beloved ones !

Merry Christmas!

Uno de mis diseños de felicitación de Navidad


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