Serie Empoderamiento Femenino y Naturaleza

Hola amigos! Este verano estoy creando una serie muy especial que he titulado Empoderamiento Femenino y Naturaleza. Probablemente alguno de vosotros ya haya podido ver en redes sociales algunas (o todas) las ilustraciones que he ido creando con esta temática. Pero, ¿qué es Empowering Women and Nature?¿qué quiero transmitir? El empoderamiento femenino está de moda,…

Ilustración digital: Dragón

Paso a paso de una ilustración digital de un dragón con Photoshop

Digital Illustration: Elephant

How to start drawing easily with your digital tablet May 18th, 2018 Hi Lovelies!, following with my personal challenge about improving my digital drawing skills, I have been drawing an illustration from Aaron Blaise, from one of his tutorials on YouTube, where he creates a beautiful illustration of an elephant having a nice time with…

How to set up a pattern manually

Design and creation of a seamless pattern manually February 10th, 2018 Hi lovelies! Today I´d like to explain how we can set up a seamless pattern in a manual way, without using any design program. By doing this exercise, you will understand how a repeat pattern (that could be used on any surface) works. These…

Why it is interesting to join an online drawing challenge

August 22nd, 2017 Marine Life – Summer 2017 #RetoID You can find lots of online drawing challenges in the social media (Inktober, draw this in your style, complete some illustrations of a concrete theme, etc) This summer I have found the website of Ilustrando Dudas, a site that it is great to clear many doubts…

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