How to draw and color elements in Adobe Illustrator

Hi friends! In this video I show you how we can draw and color original elements from our own pictures and use them in our patterns or illustrations. Working like this, we will create original content and we can be sure about not infringing any copyrights. 😉 From some leaves I picked up in the…

Checking patterns: how to fix the Hairline Bug in Illustrator

Hi friends! If you work with Illustrator to create repeat patterns, you will probably find that some thin lines might appear when the pattern is used in an object. Those thin lines are a bug of the program, so you shouldn’t worry if your module is correct. So first of all, to test if our…

How to set up a pattern manually

Design and creation of a seamless pattern manually February 10th, 2018 Hi lovelies! Today I´d like to explain how we can set up a seamless pattern in a manual way, without using any design program. By doing this exercise, you will understand how a repeat pattern (that could be used on any surface) works. These…

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