Drawing a Red Camellia with Watercolours

Hi friends! I continue with my series of Botanical Illustration, where I am painting my favorite flowers. The last Spring I had the opportunity of watching again the blossom of my beautiful Camellia. I have it since my son was born, so that is seven years and it is still giving me amazing flowers. As…

Working Process of a Lily Magnolia

Hi friends!, I am doing a new serie about botanical illustration with watercolors and I´d like to show you in this post the step by step of my last drawing. All flowers have different meanings. The Magnolia is the oriental symbol of delicacy and feminine beauty. In ancient China, only the emperor was the exclusive…

Drawing a chrysanthemum with watercolor

Hi friends!  These days I really felt like drawing some flowers with watercolours, so I went around internet looking for references and in this website pxhere.com (where you can find copyright free pictures), I found this beautiful chrysanthemum that instantly got me.   I share with you part of the process creating the flower. It took me…

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